Our top tips for entering!

Entering couldn’t be simpler, but there are definitely a few ways to make sure you stand out from the crowd! Put your best foot forward and follow our top tips for savvy selection, presentation and inspiration to make sure your garment not only catches the judges’ eyes but leaves a lasting impression on the catwalk. The rest is up to you…

✂The one that people always love!

If people ask you ‘where did you get that, I love it!” about something you’ve recently made — that’s your cue to enter it in our competition. 

Trust the compliments; they’re your best endorsement.

✂It’s not all about perfection! 

Don’t be deterred by minor imperfections. Focus on style, originality, and an excellent fabric choice. Remember, the character of your creation often shines through these little quirks. Take a chance and enter anyway!

✂Do what you love!

If you love dressmaking then this is your opportunity share your passion proudly, on The Stitch Stage! Enter a garment or two that reflects your passion for the craft, and be ready to strut your stuff.

✂Show your style!

Whether you prefer flashy extras or simple, crisp, and contemporary designs, we want to see YOUR style and creativity. Vogue poses and pouty lips are optional—let your garment do the talking.

✂Find a friend

Having a friend by your side is invaluable. Seek a second opinion on the fit of your garment, exchange creative ideas, and have fun sewing together. A friend provides honesty, clarity, and that extra boost of encouragement.

If you don’t enter, you’ve got no chance of winning!

The most crucial step is to take the plunge. Your masterpiece deserves the spotlight, and without entering, you’re missing out on the chance to shine. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back—submit your creation and let the judges be amazed!