Babylock Overlocker Classroom

Babylock Overlocker Classroom

Babylock Overlocker Classroom

Want to master your overlocker or thinking of buying one? We have a host of courses taught by the experts. Learn the basics or make a skirt or a jersey wrap top and add overlocking to the list of your dressmaking skills.

Sessions include:

Learn to sew on an overlocker, decorative overlocker basics, make a chiffon scarf, double gauze baby wrap on an overlocker (to name a few).

See all the Babylock Overlocker sessions on offer by downloading the workshop programme.

babylock overlocker

The workshops have been voted our visitors favourite part of the show – so make sure you take part in this year’s workshop programme. Classes are now only available to purchase on site. Head to the Workshop booking desk when you arrive to find your pefect class.

The babylock overlocker classes are sponsored by our friends at baby lock.