Olga Prinku

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Olga is a floral embroidery artist, working with natural materials on tulle. She created the flowers-on-tulle technique and aesthetic in 2016, after experiments with wreath making. Using plant-based material as my embroidery thread has helped to deepen her sense of connectedness with the natural world, prompting her to notice intricate details about plants and appreciate their life cycle: each stage, from bud to seedpod, offers opportunities to create.

Olga enjoys foraging for wildflowers and foliage on walks around her home in North Yorkshire, and she uses both these and shop-bought dried flowers in her work. Olga is constantly experimenting with new types of organic material and ways to expand the technique. Come and see these delicate and refreshing works of art at The Stitch Festival 2020.

Olga Prinku

Olga Prinku's Collection